Author: Author 4 | Published on: Thu, 24 Aug 2017

In Nepal modern banking system is implement is around 8-9 years ago. The facilities provided by bank are only focused in developed cities. In 21st century maximum people of our country are not using all scheme provided by bank. Which are due to lack of knowledge, lack of infrastructures, lack of advertising and due to high processing costs. The banks are only focusing to middle and higher class people. There are many people who do not have bank account till date. They even do not know how to deposit and withdraw from bank account. Smart Card Nepal is a planning to be the best Deposit & Payment Service Provider (D&PSP) by focusing on uses of modern technology in different stages of our life. The primary objective of the company is to work as intermediary between banks and peoples. The company decided to develop friendly banking processing system so that every people all over the world can save their time. The world is full of the benefits of technology. The impact of technology in modern life is immeasurable. In today’s world we can’t survive without technology. Everyone in the world is using modern technology by different ways because our time is valuable. We have to do different works in our life but due to limited time we cannot complete it on specified time. The inability to do so leads to disturbances of several kinds. Smart Card Nepal is planning to lunch such type of card which can be uses for different purposes i.e. Prepaid Scratch Card (PSC). The company is making such type of technology which in long run makes Prepaid Scratch Card (PSC) as basic needs to every people. This concept is designed by Mr. Ramesh Diyali who is Inventor/ Founder /shareholders of the company. The company is deciding to develop different types of prepaid scratch card and so that it can be used in every steps of our life. The type of Prepaid scratch card and its uses are influenced by local environment or availability of technology locally and the level of development.