Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet Service:
“Digital Wallet is a service that allows you to do banking transactions from your mobile phone or from web site without making a call, using the Short Messaging Service (SMS), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) or General Packet radio service (GPRS)” and Internet.

Smart Card Wallet System allows direct access to Customer bank account for transactions and deposit funds through the Mobile Network and Internet Connections. One can check balance, view transactions, request transaction statements, make transaction, or even pay utility bills using the service. Digital Wallet provides account information and real-time transaction capabilities from the mobile phones or Web Site at a true "anywhere, anytime, anyhow" convenience.
Some examples of financial services through Smart Card Wallet solutions include:
Micro and Mini Fund Deposit to Bank and Wallet Service Providers
Fund deposit to Saving account, Insurance, and Bank Account through wallet service
Fund transfers, utility bill payments and other online payment through Wallet Service
Personalized alerts and notifications on every transactions.

Digital Wallet Description:

Smart Wallet is the product from Smart Card Nepal that provides seamless integration with core banking system, online banking software, payment networks and as well as to any existing mobile banking, wallet service provider or Remittance Service provider.
It provides convenient mechanism and quick access to banking services for customers from mobile and Web Interface. The system is based on SMS based and GPRS based system applicable to Ncell and NtC and Internet Service provider subscribing customers and customer subscribing any of the Telco’s can easily keep an eye on their finances using the application based on heterogeneous operating environment like iOS, android, java based and blackberry. The popular services that Smart Wallet governs are Micro and Mini fund deposit, payment, fund transfer, insurance payment, balance enquiries, recent transaction details-recharges and bill payment to utilities like Ncell postpaid, Ncell prepaid top-up, Ntc adsl, Ntc landline and Ntc postpaid mobile phone bills. Smart Wallet leverages bank and Smart customers to achieve anywhere anytime banking solutions using their own mobile phone or Internet service from comfort of their home or office.

Smart Wallet:
Smart Wallet provides the inter-operability mechanism among the customers of various bank associated with the Networks into the common platform. Smart Wallet adds the capability for the bank customers with enhanced facilities Like Interbank transfer, universal merchant payments and cash out services through domestic remittance system.

Interbank transfer provides the electronic transfer of funds from wallet account or recharge card account of sender in one bank to the beneficiary account in the other bank where both of the parties involved in are networked together with Smart Card Nepal.

Additionally, the customer using the Smart Wallet can directly pay their bills for services provided through their own wallet account.
The popular services for payment are Ncell top-up, Ntc top-up, credit card payment, school and college fee, ISP internet payment, bhatbhateni online, cinemas tickets, bus tickets, air tickets etc.

Customer can also withdraw their fund direct from agents. In case, the customer in need of cash where the ATM machine or any other withdrawal channel is unavailable, Customer can cash out their fund of their bank account or from their own wallet account through the smart card agents, registered by Smart Card Nepal.