What is Smart Account?

Smart Account is a free online account provided by Smart Card Nepal which can be used to: 

  1. Save money in bank account by purchasing Smart Card
  2. Load funds in Smart Wallet for various online payments.  

How to open Smart Account?

You can open Smart Account by going to smartcardnepal.com. Or using our mobile apps available at Appstore and Playstore. One can also register using SMS or by visiting our outlets and member banks counter.

What is Smart Card? 

Smart Card is like a mobile phone recharge card which can be used to load funds in Smart Wallet or make bank deposits without really going to the bank.

What is Smart Wallet?

Smart Wallet is a digital wallet which can be used to make efficient online payment like paying utility bills, recharge mobile phones, send money to friends and make bank deposit without going to the bank.

Is Smart Wallet service free? 

Yes all the services offered in Smart Wallet is free.

What to do if I lost my Smart Card?

If you have lost your Smart Card of worth Rs.500 or more, you can immediately inform the Smart Card agent or call our support team to block the lost card and issue a new card.

My Smart Account says "UNVERIFIED". What does this mean? 

This means you have yet to fill KYC form and you cannot have more than Rs. 5000 in Smart Wallet.

Can I use my Smart Account in different devices? 

Yes, Smart Account can be used from computer or mobile phones at the same time.

Does Smart Card Nepal holds money on its own bank account? 

No. Our settlement bank holds all the money loaded on Smart Wallet.

How do I get my money back if I no longer want to use Smart Account? 

You can withdraw money from Smart Account to your bank account or by visiting nearest outlet of Smart Card Nepal.

Can I transfer fund to another Smart Account User? 

Yes you can easily transfer funds to other Smart Account user without any service charge.