About us

Smart Card Company Pvt. Ltd was registered in 2071 B.S. it is located at Kathmandu Municipality Ward No. 10, Thapa Gaun, Nepal. It has Applied for License Type Registration at NRB: DSP/PSP, Based on Smart Scratch Card for Bank Deposit, Payments, Remittance, and Wallet etc. that serves an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like paper money and checks.

Smart Card Company is an innovation, advance and leading startup company which provide convenient and secure deposit and payment gateway through integrated FI's system to enable deposit in users account and payment as well through recharge card. Smart Card Company takes pride in its potential to provide highly secured deposit and payment services to our clients in real time transaction in 24/7 basis.

This concept is designed by Mr. Ramesh Diyali who is Inventor/ Founder of the company.

As our company’s motto is “For Financial Freedom”, we are driven with in use energy and capabilities to make better, easier, secure, and highly reliable transactions with in the field. Our aptitude to adjust huge range of demands in the financial backdrop provides us a considerable edge against our other competitors in the field. Our special facility to them who do not have access and knowledge about internet, smart phones can also get advantages of our services through SMS Syntax.

You may contact us for any concerns that you may have through our contact details which may be found in our website (