Prepaid Scratch Card

About Smart Card Nepal:
Smart Card Nepal is privately held company, which is now coming up with the unique product of Depository payment gateway service and solutions. We are developing and deploying product based on Depository and Digital Wallet system based on Scratch Card and recharge system through banking channels. We are also integrating the wallet system with the domestic remittance system to cater the local market needs. The Company was duly established in 2016 and has its Head Office in Nepal.

Smart Recharge Card is for Saving and Bank Deposit purposed. 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 Face Value recharge charge will be distributed in the market. The recharge card is been distributed from super agent to dealer and Retailer who will be Access to System. End user and customer will buy the scratch card and will top-up the value for the propose of wallet account  loading or for saving the amount in bank account. Card Activation is done only after received Conformation from retails before sealing to costumers . 

Smart Card Nepal and its wallet services solutions will revolutionizing the financial industry, empowering financial institutions to add more value to their products and services, gain competitive advantage, and increase customer loyalty while also attracting new clients for saving and deposit the funds. There is significant demand for new personalized depository services - such as fund transfers, micro saving deposit, bill payment, real-time bank deposite.